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Your health and comfort is always the top priority. Chicago dentist, Dr. Ronald Widen is dedicated to providing the highest quality aesthetic, cosmetic and functional dental care in Lincoln Park, Chicago using the most innovative technology available today!

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We can see you within the week at our Chicago dental office, same day for emergencies! Looking for that personal touch? Our low volume, high personal care office will see that your dental treatment is completed with few interruptions. We run on time, Chicago dentist, Dr. Ronald Widen only schedules one guest at a time, so you can get in and get out without the waiting. Call us for your next dental appointment.

Porcelain Veneers

Broken, chipped, stained teeth hindering your smile? If you are unhappy with your smile we can help you. Porcelain veneers can change your smile in as few as two visits. We change lifes one smile at a time.

Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth and are unhappy with your appearance we can help. Replace your missing teeth with dental implants that look & feel natural. Dental implants can help you smile more confidently.

Non Surgical TMJ Treatment

Do you suffer from headaches, migraines, jaw pain or clicking of your jaw joints? You could be suffering from TMJ dysfunction and we can help eliminate it. Call us today!

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Are you are looking for the best dentist in Chicago, a neuromuscular dentist in Lincoln Park seeking relief from headache pain and migraines, a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Park looking to improve your smile or a dental implant dentist in Chicago looking to replace some missing teeth?

Chicago dentist, Dr. Ronald Widen can be best dentist in Chicago for you! Our halls are filled with before and after photos of completed cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneer cases.  Lincoln Park dentist, Dr. Widen has the skill, the patience, the technology and the amenities to cater to your every need.  Click on the menu above to see what we can do for you!

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by Spencer B. on Widen Your Smile

I’ve been seeing Dr. Widen for a little over a year now, and I wouldn’t consider another dentist as long as I live in the Chicago area.

I first came to Dr. Widen in a lot of discomfort from TMD. First with a night guard and then with an orthotic, he gradually helped me feel better. My chronic pain was causing me a lot of anxiety at a time when I really needed my jaw to feel comfortable, and Dr. Widen went absolutely above and beyond to fit in appointments with me and help me out.

Although he’s been doing this for a long time, Dr. Widen actively keeps up with the latest in the industry; he’s never going through the motions or set in his ways. Nichole, his assistant, is also a pleasure to interact with and very kind. It’s very clear the practice isn’t focused on extracting profit but rather on helping people. Dr. Widen has helped people in chronic pain to regain their quality of life. Ask him about the people who’ve come to him unable to look up, unable to maintain a healthy posture, unable to swim, and you’ll be able to tell that he truly does what he does in order to help those people.

Finally, Dr. Widen’s practice – yes, going to the dentist – is actually fun. I consider him a friend by now, and enjoy going in to see him. I created a Yelp account specifically to make Dr. Widen my first review, so needless to say, I can’t recommend him more highly.

by Doug on Widen Your Smile
Awesome Experience

I have NEVER associated an awesome experience with a dental visit UNTIL this one. If you’re wanting a real review then here it is….don’t waste your time with any one else. Dr Widen and Nichole are without hesitation the best. I will continue to travel from Georgia for my dental care needs.

by Jamie on Widen Your Smile

Dr widen is awesome he always gets me in when I have an emergency wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for a veneer repair . Highly recommend for all cosmetic dentistry

by Jerrell F. on Widen Your Smile

Words cannot express what a change dr widen did in my life. The attention to detail in my smile has truly made me a different person. I get a ton of compliments every where i go and i know its truly because of dr widens expertise. He is the only dentist i will ever go to. He changed my smile. But really he changed my life!!! And for that i will always love him. Thanks dr widen.

by Dr. Farid Saei, MD. on Widen Your Smile
The best dental practice in Chicago

I am a physician in the University of Illinois at Chicago hospitals. I visited Dr. Widen’s dental office for the first time about 3 month ago. I am not easily satisfied by something but you can say he has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. He is without exaggeration one of the best dentists I have ever seen and I have seen many! He is meticulous, detail oriented and extremely experienced. For him every patient matters like member of his family. His office is not one of those offices that a dentist works on 5 patients at the same time, going from one patient to the other and then coming back. When you have an appointment, his complete attention and time belongs to you. This decreases the number of patients that can be seen per day but makes your visit very personal. He spends as much time as needed on you and explains everything in details. Gives different options to choose from and never does something on your teeth that is not necessary. In emergency situations you can call him and he will come to the office for you. One time he was working on my teeth at 10:30 pm because I had problems and did not have time to come some other time. He is very well educated and up to date in dental sciences. He has extensive experience in aesthetics dentistry and has had lots of high profile patients with different dental needs. You can see him for any problem from simple cleaning to complicated esthetics surgeries. His office manager Ms. Nichole is very nice, attentive and experienced. Their goal is to make you feel comfortable and pain free as soon as possible. I highly recommend him without any reservations to anybody with dental needs. If you want to experience dentistry like never before please visit Dr. Ron Widen’s practice and you will see a first class dentistry which surpasses your expectations in any aspect.

by Mark E. on Widen Your Smile

This dentist is phenomenal! I got to the office early to do paperwork. The doctor was there, let me in cause I was stupid early…I did my paperwork and was let in by Nicole the front office person…

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, a dental hygienist? a quick consult? The mad rush we all face going to the dentist to have physical and emotional torture laid upon us patients?

What I got was an experience I have NEVER received before from a dental office…ACTUAL MEDICAL SERVICE With answers!!!!!!

Dr Ronald Widen was referred to me by my periodontist and after my visit, which I felt guilty for taking the doctors time, I was overwhelmed to the point I had to take a minute…this doc is old school where he spends TIME with you the patient…REALLY!!!!!

From video baselines, to scanning for cracks and potential problems, Dr Widen is practically a one man show…Nicole, the office manager keeps it moving, or not moving…lol. I didn’t feel rushed, got explanations of issues I have had for as long as I’ve been consciously aware and felt like I needed to go get them sandwiches or Lyric Opera tickets!!!!! In this era of fast,fast,fast, this practice makes no sense. But as a person who cares for my teeth and wish to keep them for a while, this practice is the only option!!!!

If you want to be treated like a human being and served like a king or queen, go here!!!! I am referring my family and anyone else who cares to be treated to a DENTAL SPA DAY…. I CANT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS PRACTICE.


He takes insurance but. like most, if not all DENTISTS, whom the AMA/ADA seemed to have forgotten concerning billing, you pay up front…money well spent!!!!!


by Joseph F. on Widen Your Smile
Outstanding Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Widen’s work is amazing. As a medical doctor I did a lot of research before I chose a cosmetic dentist to work on my teeth. Now, I have at least 2 compliments per day since 2010 when he fixed several of my teeth. Random people stop me on the street and ask me who my dentist is. Unfortunately, I live over 1,200 miles away from Chicago. I have seen the work of many other dentists. I have even had other cosmetic dentist work on my teeth in the past. However I have only been very disappointed by the other dentists work cosmetic outcome. When I need to have work on my teeth I fly back to Chicago for a few days and will ONLY allow Dr. Widen to work on me. Thank you Dr. Widen. Not only are you phenomenal cosmetic dentist but also a super kind friendly and down to earth person.

by Gail S. on Widen Your Smile
I Trust Dr. Widen

I have been a patient of Dr. Widen for many years and could not imagine going to another dentist. He has been there for me for many emergencies, including when I was pregnant. I love the flexible hours and I really trust him. It is not one of those factories, he takes the time to listen and assess. He credentials are also really impressive. I always recommend him and no one has been disappointed. Even after I moved from the city, I still drive to see him because I trust him so much.

by Rachel M. on Widen Your Smile
Nice and Helpful

I was referred to Dr. Widen through my father, who has been seeing him for years. I saw him because I needed some periodontal work done for gum recession. After the first session, he had fixed 5 cavities that my other dentist didn’t notice for at least several years, and had decided on a procedure to repair my gums. I have had periodontal surgery before but it was extremely painful and hard to eat afterwards. Dr. Widen’s surgery to fix the same problem was virtually painless and he is with you every step of the way. He was very nice and helpful. The office is extremely comfortable, with a nice waiting room and free water/OJ. I am definitely seeing Dr. Widen as my dentist from now on.

by Sharon S. on Widen Your Smile

I have been a patient of Dr. Widen’s for many years, and I have been very pleased with the work he has done and the customer service provided by him and his office team. He is very knowledgeable, in fact, he will explain in detail what the procedure entails or what your options are. He doesn’t recommend anything that doesn’t need to be done. He is very experienced (with quality work), is very thorough and his office is equipped with the most updated technology and equipment. I can sit in the chair and know confidently, I am in good hands.

You may park free in the back lot (only a few spaces designated to his office, but he only works with one patient at a time, so it’s usually not an issue).

Dr. Widen makes you feel comfortable during your appointment with pleasant conversation and will even try to make you laugh. Let’s face it, going to the dentist is not most people’s idea of a good time and Dr. Widen knows this. I have never left in pain nor had any negative consequences as a result of work done. One time a tooth needed a little more filing down, but I went back in and Dr. Widen took care of it at no cost.

I would recommend Dr. Widen for his quality of work, honesty and professionalism.