TMJ Diagnosis Treatment – Phase 2

TMJ / TMD Treatment

Long-term management (Phase 2)

There are a variety of ways to correct your bite in a more permanent way. Four of the most common of these approaches are outlined below:

Coronoplasty / Equilibration
Coronoplasty is smoothing and reshaping the enamel of the teeth to correct your bite. It is a simple procedure that does not require anesthesia and can be used when the bite is only slightly misaligned. Equilibration is adjusting contacts on your teeth so your teeth hit properly when chewing and swallowing. All interferences are removed so your muscles can be more relaxed.

Removable Overlay Partials
These are permanent orthotics that usually fit over the back teeth and are designed to maintain an aligned bite. Made like a partial denture with a metal framework and plastic teeth.

This approach involves making the teeth higher by adding porcelain or composite to the top surfaces of the teeth. This allows your teeth to touch in your newly established physiologic bite position. This permanently realigns the bite and provides structural support for the jaw.

Orthodontics (Braces)

When the teeth are healthy they may be moved to the optimal position using braces. This way no healthy tooth structure needs to be removed.


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