Have you been suffering from migraines or headaches?

Do you have neck aches, back aches or shoulder aches?

Does your jaw crackle, click or pop?

Do you have jaw pain, facial pain, dizziness or tinnitus?

Are your symptoms caused by an improper bite?
You may have a jaw joint problem or TMD.

TMJ, or more accurately TMJ dysfunction or TMD, impacts the jaw joints and can have widespread effects on your overall well-being. Often referred to as the ‘Great Impostor,’ its symptoms closely resemble various issues like headaches, migraines, and ear infections. At our office, we offer non-surgical treatments, as medications merely provide temporary relief without addressing the root cause.

The origins of TMJ issues can be traced back to early stages, with breastfeeding playing a crucial role in shaping a healthy palate and promoting proper facial growth. Nasal breathing is emphasized as it contributes to the balanced formation of the upper arch.

However, deviations from this path, such as mouth breathing due to dietary changes or allergies, can alter jaw structure, hindering nasal breathing and leading to airway constriction. This constriction can escalate into sleep-disordered breathing, causing various problems from bedwetting to behavioral issues to sleep apnea. Increased stress during uncertain times may also contribute to clenching and grinding.

Our approach focuses on orthopedic principles of rehabilitation, aiming to reposition the jaw orthopedically, restore nasal breathing, and facilitate healing. Explore our symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment sections to match your condition and discover how we diagnose and treat the root problem, not just the symptoms.

  1. Symptoms
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Treatment

TMD treatment can improve the way you feel. Ask us for more information about TMD treatment today by calling our Chicago dental office at 312-266-0044.

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