Your genetic make-up has little impact on your dental health

Your genetic make-up has little impact on your dental health, new study finds.
Science Daily

A new study has found genetic makeup does not predispose people to tooth decay, however the research did find that children with overweight mothers are more likely to have cavities. The paper, published in the latest edition of Pediatrics, estimates that one in three Australian children have tooth decay by the time they start school.  READ MORE

Orthodontic Treatment Doesn’t Guarantee Future Oral Health

Study: Orthodontic treatment doesn’t guarantee future oral health
By Tammy Adams

Orthodontic treatment can straighten your teeth, but it can’t protect those choppers from developing tooth decay in the future. When polled, many people think that orthodontic treatment will prevent future tooth decay. But new research out of the University of Adelaide in South Australia has found that this is not the case. Published in the journal Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, the study, conducted by Dr. Esma J. Dogramaci and co-author Professor David Brennan from the University’s Adelaide Dental School, assessed the long-term dental health of 448 people from South Australia.  READ MORE


Some of our guests are interested in Botox for TMJ Treatment.

“Botox is not FDA-approved for use in TMJ disorders (TMD). When doctors offer this treatment to TMJ patients, our guests should be aware that this is “off-label use” that is not approved by the FDA. The FDA has not evaluated the safety or efficacy of this powerful neurotoxin for TMJ pain treatment.”

Botox is a problem because the body will create new muscle fibers to try to correct the jaw imbalance, once the Botox wears off, the extra fibers cause more imbalance.

Remember Botox treats a symptom, not the cause. Call us at 312-266-0044 if you are interested in treating the cause of your headaches, neck aches and jaw pain.