Video Mouth Tour

Video Mouth Tour

Widen Your Smile takes pride in our state-of-the-art equipment used in enhancing our diagnostic capability as well as increasing your knowledge. With our Intra-Oral camera you can take a Video Tour of your mouth. You can see what we see without squinting or trying to manipulate two mirrors to get light on the tooth.

      At your initial examination you will be given a complete tour of your mouth. From ear to ear and corner to corner we will show you what your teeth look like. There is no guessing anymore. If there is a small fracture on a tooth it seen with ease. If the margins are breaking down on a silver filling, there is no doubt about it. Is it as plain as the nose on your face. When we say you have decay or a failing restoration you can see it and the question now becomes,”What can we do to restore this tooth and when can we start?

We can print out a picture of a fractured tooth, for instance, and send it along with your insurance form to make sure you receive the proper benefits. With this invaluable aid, diagnosis and treatment planning is enhanced tremendously. Please stop in for your Video Mouth Tour.


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